Investing in Il Borgo 

The purchase of a second home is undoubtedly an important investment. The track record of the developer is perhaps a key element in selecting a second home. After successfully developing 2 properties (Castello di Santa Maria Novella and Hotel Villa Tavolese) the Zanzotto family took on Il Borgo. Their dream was to create a small scale development that would have the feel of being in a hamlet. The Zanzotto’s brought their experience of high quality of build and renovations in keeping with the traditional Tuscan style. The resulting 29 apartments are equipped with modern amenities whilst retaining the features of the original farmhouses.

A few words from developer of Il Borgo di Villa Bossi Pucci Tommaso Zanzotto:

“Tuscan rural countryside is a mixture of natural beauty and conservative mentality. The pristine natural landscape has not changed over the centuries and the conservative mentality has limited the building growth to areas surrounding small towns without impacting the very unique landscape. These are the elements that make a Tuscan home so attractive.

In selecting your investment in Tuscany key elements are location and amenities. First, location, location, location: this is the most important characteristic we were looking for before making an investment at Hilton International where I was Chairman and CEO. Second, the immediate surroundings should offer amenities with long term consumer appeal, as I had been preaching for over 25 years as President International at American Express.

In taking a decision you should consider the following, and I have suggested some answers.

1) Location should be your primary concern:
Your Tuscan home should be located in the open rolling hills, close to a main center (Florence), not far from places of interest (Siena, San Giminiano, Lucca, and hundreds more medieval villages). It should not be isolated, preferably next to a small village or in a small community like Montagnana and for those unlikely emergencies you may want to be close to a major hospital, like the one in Florence, Poggibonsi or Empoli.

2) Peace of mind
You should choose a property you feel comfortable leaving for a while and upon your return to be found well looked after and maintained like Il Borgo at VillaBossi Pucci. A place where the common grounds are well cared for and emergencies are taken care of by a residential caretaker.

3) Reasonable price
For a quality restored property in the selected area you may expect to pay the prevailing average price per square meter plus a premium for a desirable and managed location. To avoid stress and worries the price should include furniture and a fully fitted kitchen. You may want to add your own touch later but you should really aim for a ready-to-live-in property like Il Borgo at Villa Bossi Pucci.

These three considerations will help maintain your investment stable, protect it from market fluctuation, and allow it to appreciate over time as it has done for me in the past 30 years.

Remember that emotion is the point where it all starts from. Later, Il Borgo will answer all your expectations.

Tuscany can give you peace of mind and an intelligent investment with superior rewards. Il Borgo at Villa Bossi Pucci is the way to make it possible.

I will be pleased to provide additional information based on my personal experience.

Hope to see you soon at Il Borgo and share a glass of wine.

Tommaso Zanzotto


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