Il Borgo is located on the estate of Villa Bossi Pucci, once a key center for the production of Chianti wine. The village of Montagnana is a five minute walk through the centenary old park dotted with a selection of trees typical of the region.
The main piazza of Il Borgo and its six outbuildings were featured in the Architectural Collection of Tuscany as a current example of quality homes. The landscaped garden merges with the natural growth of olive groves descending in the valley that climbs back towards the Castle of Poppiano and Montespertoli.
Il Borgo is centrally located within easy reach of Florence, 25 kilometers to the north, and Siena, 60 kilometers to the south. Daily excursions to these two main world renowned renaissance and medieval jewels and to hundred additional well and less known places can fill your stay in Tuscany for years to come.
What you will enjoy most, as many residents and visitors have experienced, is the return to Il Borgo. Relax on your patio or take a dip in the panoramic swimming pool, or just stroll amongst the century old cypresses.
Il Borgo also offers continuing discovery in the arts and crafts of the region proposing cooking classes, ceramic painting, panoramic photography or water coloring. All the courses are meant for small groups and can be scheduled around your day.

Planning a trip or joining the Lessons of Tuscany seven day program

You may want to plan a trip to Il Borgo and get a feel for the place and its surroundings prior to taking your decision to make this corner of paradise your Tuscan home. The best way is to arrive by air to either Pisa or Florence that have several European connections. If you prefer, you may choose to arrive by air to Rome or Milan, both have more frequent international services, and then connect to a flight to Pisa or Florence. Several of Il Borgo’s residents travel from California, Texas, New York, Zurich, London or Mumbai and find the connections efficient and not too tiring; in any case, as soon as you arrive you will quickly recover no matter what time of the year.
You may want to hire a car for the duration of your visit and both airports offer all the major car rental firms. The drive to Il Borgo will take approximately 60 minutes from Pisa. Please add 15 to 20 minutes if it is your first time, and drive safely.
You may set your GPS address from the arriving airport to Il Borgo di Villa Bossi Pucci, Montagnana, Montespertoli and be guided by the “voice”.
Upon arrival you will be shown to your Tuscan residence and your unwinding can start immediately. You should plan at least three full days to get a feel for Il Borgo, sample the region, relax in the inviting panorama, and perhaps do some shopping.
If you prefer to have the trip organized for you, you may want to join the program Lessons of Tuscany. No driving and no daily planning required! It is effectively a grand land cruise: you will be picked up at the Pisa or Florence airport or train station, escorted to Il Borgo where you will take residence and start a relaxing stay in Tuscany. Every day you will be offered a visit to an extraordinary new place, and you will travel with your personal driver and guide to each location. Each evening you will dine in a different local restaurant and drink that extra glass of good Tuscan wine, remember that you left the driving to us! You will enjoy a cooking lesson and sample the Tuscan dishes you actually prepared.
We have an associate in the US, Villa Vita International,  that has promoted this program and several visitors have left really extraordinary comments about their experience on Trip Advisor.
Either solution, independent or tailored program, will give you time to really taste the Tuscany you have dreamed of, and time to live in a residence that may be your long term second home, where you, your family and your friends will want to come back time and time again.
We will be pleased to give you additional information, please send us an e-mail.